Morakniv Pro S Fixed Blade Knife Review

morakniv pro s fixed blade knife reviewI might have a new favorite camp knife.

For everyday carry, I’m still going to pocket one of my folding knives, like the Kershaw Skyline. They’re portable, low profile, and great for incidental cutting and slicing.

But in a camp setting, where it will get used dozens of times a day, in higher-stress applications? I’m pretty much hooked on my Morakniv Craftline Pro S Allround fixed blade. Read our Morakniv Pro S fixed blade knife review to find out why!

morakniv pro s fixed blade knife review

About Morakniv

Morakniv gets some hate (not a lot) from knife snobs because their knives kinda look like toys and are super cheap. But they’re made in Sweden (and have been for over 125 years), from high-quality carbon or Sandvik stainless steel. And oh yeah – they’re super cheap!

Morakniv Pro S fixed blade knife review

For a Morakniv, the question is not “does it look cool?” (although it kinda does), but rather “does it work?” I brought the Morakniv Pro S along on a week-long camping trip to find out.

Typically, I carry a folding knife (lately the Kershaw Cryo or the Kershaw Skyline), which works great for the purposes of convenience and concealment. However, since I’d be stomping around campgrounds for most of the week, I figured a fixed blade knife might be more handy, since they’re generally stronger and sturdier than folding knives.

(Plus, this presented one of the few opportunities where slinging a big knife from my waistband wouldn’t freak people out.)

morakniv pro s fixed blade review

Field testing

Upon first using the Morakniv Pro S (to carve wood shavings for tinder), I immediately noticed how easy it was to grasp the large, grippy TPE rubber handle compared to my skinny, low profile folding knives. I got way more leverage, and was able to push down against the wood with greater force.

Morakniv crafts the 3.6-inch (91mm) blade from Sandvik stainless steel, like the Skyline. It’s a much superior alloy to the garbage steel you’d find on other knives in this price range (or even on mid-level 8Cr13Mov knives costing five times as much).

morakniv pro s fixed blade review

The blade came crazy sharp right out of the “box.” I put “box” in quotes because it actually just came in a simple plastic bag – one of the many ways Morakniv skims insignificant details to reduce costs.

Anyway, the blade was sharp enough to carve tinder easily, as well as chop up fruit, vegetables, and meat for meal prep. After a week of heavy use, it still looked brand new.

morakniv pro s fixed blade knife review

The Pro S also includes a plastic sheath. While definitely cheap-looking, the sheath engages positively with the knife when the handle “clicks” into place. Lightweight and simple, it attaches to your belt, pocket, or pack without any fuss.

Cost-cutting caveats

Other than no box and and a rudimentary sheath, where else did Morakniv cut corners?

Not unexpectedly, the Pro S doesn’t have a full tang, but rather a “rat-tail” tang. Theoretically, a full tang will always be stronger, but in this application (small, lightweight knife) the difference is negligible. Hardly anyone will use the Pro S for batoning, prying open crates, or hanging off cliff faces like Lara Croft.

morakniv pro s fixed blade knife review
Note the tiny gap between the blade and handle.

A tiny gap also sits between the flat side of the blade and the inside of the grip (see photo) where crud can get stuck. It has zero effect on function, but still might irk perfectionists.

Morakniv states that the Pro S has an unground spine, leaving it raw and unfinished (and therefore incompatible with a firestarter). Again, typical use for this knife will most likely not be out in the bush without access to matches, lighters, or civilization, so it’s not a huge worry. Visually, the spine looks perfectly fine, if slightly unpolished.

If you intend on performing any of the aforementioned activities, you should probably consider a heavier-duty knife.

morakniv pro s fixed blade knife review


PROS: Super inexpensive. High quality where it counts (the handle and blade). Feels great in hand; lightweight, easy to use.

CONS: A few minor cut corners on materials/construction, albeit on less consequential parts and with little impact on function. Won’t impress knife snobs (sorry).

The Morakniv Pro S fixed blade knife is cheap enough (approximately $10!) to beat up and feel absolutely no remorse over. But it’s also way more than solid enough to accomplish everyday outdoor tasks confidently.

Throw one in your car for emergencies. Or pack one in your bag when you go hiking. Have it on hand at the campsite. It’s cheap enough to buy one for each situation if you want. While I still carry a folding knife for EDC, this is my new outdoor favorite. No excuse now to not have a decent knife!

You can get Morakniv Craftline Pro S Allround fixed blade knife for hecka cheap at Amazon by clicking here.

morakniv pro s fixed blade review

What do you think of our Morakniv Pro S fixed blade knife review? Have a story about your own Morakniv? Leave a comment below!

3 thoughts on “Morakniv Pro S Fixed Blade Knife Review”

  1. I did not expect a $12 knife to be sharp right out of the package, but mine was. It works great for whittling and camp chores, and I love the way the handle fits my hand. As a utility/camp knife I don’t think you can beat the Mora, especially for the price. I wouldn’t use it for heavy bushcraft, but that’s not what it’s designed for anyway. I am not a big believer in abusing a knife by batoning except in an emergency survival situation. That’s what a hatchet is for.

  2. I’ve had one for a few years now. Seems super solid. I really like it.
    I haven’t put it through real hard use yet but i think it’ll be an impressive blade for the $9 i paid for it at a local gun shop.

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