Beckett Simonon Georgia Loafers Review

beckett simonon georgia loafers review

I’ve said for years that Beckett Simonon should make women’s shoes. And guess what – they finally have! Keep scrolling to read our Beckett Simonon Georgia loafers review, as well as for our exclusive promo code!


I scored my first pair of Beckett Simonon shoes almost ten years ago! Since then I’ve reviewed many of their shoes, and they still regularly appear in my dress shoe rotation. I appreciate their combination of quality materials, classic style, and relative affordability. Particularly, I love not having to replace them constantly (or ever) like I used to do with cheaper, crappier dress shoes.

I constantly saw my wife’s shoes get beat up and eventually tossed out. I observed that in general most women’s apparel were disposable and not made to last. That annoyed me. Bad for the wallet and bad for the environment.

So I really wanted to see some higher quality women’s shoes.

Recently, Beckett Simonon got in touch with me again. By now, they had taken my advice and started making shoes for women! So I asked them to send a pair for my wife. Beckett Simonon makes their shoes to order, so after a few weeks they shipped me a pair of these black Georgia loafers from their latest batch.

beckett simonon georgia loafers review

Beckett Simonon Georgia loafers review

First, these are made from full grain leather, just like the men’s shoes. This is a must for high quality shoes. Full grain leather lasts a lifetime and looks good while doing it. Anything else eventually cracks, splits, and looks cheap.

beckett simonon georgia loafers lugged rubber outsold

However, there are some changes that MY WIFE (I won’t generalize for all women) appreciates. The chunky, lugged rubber outsole, for good grip and a little extra height. The EVA insole for more cushioning. As much as I admire old-fashioned leather outsoles and cork footbeds, I really can’t picture MY WIFE (not necessarily all women) stomping around all day on a firm cork footbed and skidding around on slippery leather soles and not complaining. So this was probably a good move on Beckett Simonon’s part.

beckett simonon georgia loafers leather insole
beckett simonon georgia loafers outfit

Actually, it definitely was a good move. “These are the most comfortable shoes I’ve worn ever in my life!” my wife exclaimed after trying them on. Of course, she says that about almost any new article of clothing she wears, so take that as you will.

As for the stitching, the I didn’t find any specific info about this on either the packaging or online product page, so I suspect the shoes are constructed via more conventional methods. I think Goodyear welting or Blake stitching may add too much bulk for women’s shoes. In any case, I expect these Georgia loafers to last a long time.

beckett simonon georgia loafers detail

How do they look?

The penny loafer style is very classic and simple, both for men and for women. Very appropriate for the workplace, which was timely because my wife was just returning to work after maternity leave.

Loafers are more unassuming than they are loud, so they kind of go with anything (especially black, although they also come in “dove” and “toffee” colors). Casual, dressy, jeans, slacks, leggings, what have you. I’m of course speaking from my wife’s experience rather than from my own. She is extremely happy with them. I’ll probably end up getting her another different pair when the time comes. Maybe boots?

beckett simonon georgia loafers shoe box

As usual, Beckett Simonon presents their products well. A simple shoe box with a nice card. The website has a lot of additional info in the way of transparency regarding their manufacturing process and employees, which is cool. (This particular model is made in Colombia.)

beckett simonon georgia loafers card


PROS: Full grain leather, subdued and versatile style. VERY comfortable, according to my wife. Ethical and transparent manufacturing. As always, free shipping, free returns.

CONS: Honestly, I can’t really think of any. My wife really likes them!

beckett simonon georgia loafers review

I am happy to report that Beckett Simonon carries the hallmarks of their brand (quality, responsible practices, and affordability) over to their women’s Georgia loafers. They’ve won over a new customer!

You can get the Beckett Simonon women’s Georgia loafers here. You can also get 20% off your order with our promo code PRAKTICALA20!

beckett simonon georgia loafers outfit

What do you think of the Beckett Simonon Georgia loafers? Leave a comment below!

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