Eterna Airforce Eterna-Matic Watch Review

eterna airforce eterna-matic watch reviewIt’s been a while since we’ve posted a watch review. In fact, we have quite a few backlogged timepieces to catch up, so we’ll try to blast out a bunch of flash reviews in the coming months. Check out our Eterna Airforce Eterna-matic watch review below!

eterna airforce eterna-matic watch review

About Eterna

Eterna is one of those cool Swiss watch brands that don’t require you to get a second mortgage on your house to buy one.

They’re probably best known for the Eterna-matic, with an innovative ball-bearing automatic movement that produces less internal wear on parts. In fact, their 5-dot logo is a representation of their most well-known design.

eterna airforce eterna-matic watch review

Eterna Airforce Eterna-matic watch review

The Eterna Airforce Eterna-matic is fairly straightforward. The case measures 39mm, so it’s not too hefty – just right for smaller to average wrists. It features a “pilot”-style watch face with easy-to-read Arabic numerals luminous hands.

Interestingly, the second hand sits on its own separate smaller dial beneath the hour/minute hands, making it easier to keep time in seconds. Next is the date window, located at the 3 o’clock position. Finally, a scratch-resistant sapphire crystal protects the whole assembly.

eterna airforce eterna-matic watch review

The Eterna-matic has a screw-down crown and has a water resistance rating of 120 meters. The rotating bezel sports detailed hash marks every 10 degrees, along with eight cardinal direction indicators. Overall, it makes a pretty busy-looking bezel, but I’m sure it works well for those who need it!

eterna airforce eterna-matic watch review


PROS: Nice automatic Swiss movement at a relatively affordable price.

CONS: Dial and bezel may be somewhat “busy” for those who prefer simplicity.

eterna airforce eterna-matic watch review

I enjoyed the Airforce’s presentation. I like how the watch felt in my hands. Solid, quality construction. Just what you’d expect from an established Swiss watchmaker.

eterna airforce eterna-matic watch review

However, the Eterna Airforce Eterna-matic’s design was a bit too complicated for my tastes. The bezel in particular felt crowded and cramped with markings I wouldn’t use in real life.

Luckily, Eterna makes a bunch of other watches that look great. This Airforce model is actually kind of hard to come by! (Which definitely makes it a good watch for collectors.)

You can see the collection of available Eterna watches here. If you want to read our review of my daily beater watch, click here.

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