2018 Fuji Roubaix 1.1 Road Bike Review

2018 fuji roubaix 1.1 road bike review

I’ve ridden my Ritchey Road Logic build for few months now, and I’m super pleased with it.

Still, I snagged the newest model of the Fuji Roubaix 1.1 for review. Continue reading our full 2018 Fuji Roubaix 1.1 road bike review below!

2018 fuji roubaix 1.1 road bike review

About Fuji Bikes

Fuji Bikes has been around since 1899. Their parent company, Advanced Sports International, just filed for bankruptcy and the Fuji brand was sold at auction, making their future uncertain.

Fuji mass-produces their bike frames in Asia, and sells them through high-volume retailers like Performance Bike (also part of the now-defunct ASI). Consequently, they’re regarded as less-expensive alternatives to big-name “professional” brands.

2018 fuji roubaix 1.1 road bike review

2018 Fuji Roubaix 1.1 road bike review

Even before riding the Roubaix I was initially impressed with its components. Fuji paired their lightest A6 aluminum with a carbon fork for surprisingly competitive weight. In fact, it tips the scales at around 18 lbs, less than my full carbon Motobecane Le Champion!

2018 fuji roubaix 1.1 road bike review

It’s powered by a mostly Ultegra groupset (the newest R8000 model too), except for the (very fine) 105 cassette and Oval Concepts crankset / Praxis chainrings. The cockpit components come from Oval (Fuji’s house brand) as well – inexpensive, but still pretty nice.

2018 fuji roubaix 1.1 road bike review
The stock Oval Concepts 527 wheelset is tubeless-ready!

The Oval Concepts 527 wheelset is particularly noteworthy for being tubeless-ready (!) and lightweight. (After installing tubeless Maxxis tires on my Hunt wheels, I am a tubeless convert.)

2018 fuji roubaix 1.1 road bike review
Internal cable routing for both brakes and shifters!

Other nice touches include full internal cable routing and smooth, clean welds, providing a polished, streamlined appearance. I also really dig the paint job, with its bright blue color scheme and aggressive (but tasteful) decal work.

2018 fuji roubaix 1.1 road bike review
Nice decal on the chain stay. I approve.

All in all, the Roubaix is basically ready to race, even as it comes stock. Pretty cool.

How does it ride?

None of this would matter if the bike wasn’t any fun to ride. Fortunately, the Roubaix performs on par with the level of its components. The A6 aluminum frame and wheelset’s low rolling weight enable the Roubaix to spin down the road with about the same agility as the Le Champion’s carbon frame and Mavic Aksium wheels.

Its handling of road vibrations rivals the Le Champion as well. This is particularly admirable given that aluminum has a (not necessarily justified) perception of having a “harsh” ride.

2018 fuji roubaix 1.1 road bike review

The semi-compact 52/36 crankset seems to be popular these days. Personally, I prefer a compact 50/34 for huffing up those climbs. Nevertheless, the semi-compact crankset serves reasonably well for all-around use.

2018 fuji roubaix 1.1 road bike review

The Ultegra groupset shifts smoothly (as do all Shimano groups). I’m of the opinion that shifting performance doesn’t improve that dramatically – or even noticeably – with higher-end drivetrains. Truthfully, I found only incremental difference between the Roubaix’s shifting versus the entry-level Claris groupset on the Poseidon Triton.

2018 fuji roubaix 1.1 road bike review

Other than cooler looks you’ll primarily only notice 1) lower weight and 2) MUCH higher price. (I also believe there isn’t that much effective difference between having 8 speeds versus 11.) For example, the SRAM Force 22 group on my Ritchey Road Logic looks more dope and weighs less than the Le Champion’s 10-speed Rival group. But they shift with about the same consistency! What the!

2018 fuji roubaix 1.1 road bike review

The Fuji Roubaix 1.1 is a great ride – definitely reinforcing its “bang for the buck” reputation. The contact points feel solid (I especially like the substantial feel of the thick tape around the large handlebars) and the ride quality is decidedly nimble.

2018 fuji roubaix 1.1 road bike review
Verdict: good deal.


PROS: Affordable price. High-end Ultegra groupset, tubeless-ready wheels, etc. Lighter than many carbon-framed bikes. Stock bike is already pretty good; no need for immediate upgrades. Great-looking paint/decal work.

CONS: Uh… the future of Fuji Bikes remains a little murky at the moment? Also, I wish the crankset had compact 50/34 chainrings instead of 52/36. Oh well.

Chances are the Roubaix will be on massive clearance right now. This makes them an even better bargain than they already are. If you come across a deal on one, don’t hesitate. You’ll really get a lot for your money.

2018 fuji roubaix 1.1 road bike review

Have a Fuji bike and want to share your experience? Tell us what you think of our 2018 Fuji Roubaix 1.1 road bike review. Leave a comment below!

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  1. Hello, I really appreciated your post, actually, I bought this bike on 2021. I was wonder how widht could be the tires? I’m wondering if I can set 700x28C new tires for commuting.

  2. Thanks so much for great article. Fuji bicycles is one of the most fascinating in the industry. The company has always been considered a leader in innovation and design.

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