PRAKTICALA’s Favorite Deals for Black Friday 2017!

black friday 2017
Recycled illustration from last year.

Happy Thanksgiving, everyone! Here are just a few of PRAKTICALA’s favorite deals for Black Friday 2017 (check back regularly for updates).


War for the Planet of the Apes (Blu-ray) – $8 at Amazon

X-men: Days of Future Past 3D (Blu-ray) – $7 at Amazon

Alien: Covenant (Blu-ray) – $9 at Amazon

Harry Potter: The Complete 8-Film Collection (Blu-ray) – $30 at Amazon

Video Games

Uncharted 4: A Thief’s End (PS4) – $15 at Target


Beckett Simonon – many shoes $149 by clicking here and using promo code VIP149 (see our recent review for their Durant brogues here)


Lodge 10-inch Cast Iron Skillet – $10 from Amazon (I now cook almost exclusively with this)

Simplisafe – $200 off the Beacon home security package, or 15% off any other new system package

Stay tuned for more Black Friday 2017 deals throughout the weekend!

Seiko Recraft Automatic Watch SNKN45 Review

seiko recraft automatic watch snkn45 review

You might have seen these relatively low-priced Seiko automatics floating around lately. They’re part of Seiko’s Recraft collection and seem like a bargain for an automatic watch. PRAKTICALA has its Seiko Recraft Automatic Watch SNKN45 review below – take a look at what we think!

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Beckett Simonon Durant Brogues Dress Shoe Review

beckett simonon durant brogues dress shoe review

Beckett Simonon has grown quickly over the last few months.  There were only a couple of shoes on their website when I first bought the Caine oxfords for my wedding a few years ago. Since then, they’ve added several new products, including loafers, brogues, sneakers, bomber jackets, and backpacks.

PRAKTICALA did extensive field testing for their latest pair of shoes. Read the Beckett Simonon Durant brogues dress shoe review below!

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Timex Weekender Fairfield Watch Review

timex weekender fairfield watch review

Swiss automatic watches are great, but perhaps you aren’t ready to drop a few grand on an accessory. (Or even a few hundred.) No problem – several excellent Japanese automatic watches are available in the $100 range, including the Seiko 5 Sports, my favorite watch and daily beater.

Still, even 100 bucks is still a lot for the budget-conscious layperson. The good news is you can spend even less and still get a decent, respectable watch. While it might not be automatic, the upside is it’ll have exclusive benefits you can only get with a battery.

For a nice, inexpensive daily beater, it’s hard to find a better value than the Timex Weekender Fairfield watch.

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Motobecane Le Champion CF Review – Legit Road Bike!

.motobecane lechampion cf review

Decent road bikes are expensive, especially brand name ones. Industry secret: bike frames, regardless of brand, are almost all manufactured by the same one or two companies in Taiwan.

A company called Kinesis manufactures frames for well-known brands like Trek, Diamondback, GT, K2, and Felt (one of my favorites). Guess what – they make the house-brand frames for Bikes Direct, an online only bike retailer.

The Motobecane Le Champion CF is Bikes Direct’s budget-friendly “house” bike, giving you reputable, high-end components without the premium price tag. Continue reading Motobecane Le Champion CF Review – Legit Road Bike!

PRAKTICALA’s Favorite Black Friday Deals for 2016!


black friday deals for 2016

Happy Thanksgiving from PRAKTICALA to all our readers! We hope you enjoy the holiday with friends, family, and good times.

If you’re like us and are pinching pennies this season, here are some of our favorite Black Friday deals for 2016 that won’t cost you an arm and a turkey leg! No need to set your money on fire like in the reused illustration above! Check back throughout the weekend for updates!

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Beckett Simonon Suede Bomber Jacket Review

beckett simonon suede bomber jacket review

Longtime readers already know I’m a big fan of Beckett Simonon’s shoes. I have a pair of Caine oxfords (which I wore at my wedding), as well as the Cohen loafers and some brown brogues.

Recently, the company has ventured into outerwear, with a suede bomber jacket meant to suit the professional just as well as the rock star. Read our full review below, plus get our exclusive promo code for $15 off your order!

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John Doe Shoes Calfskin Garein Briefcase Review

john doe shoes garein calfskin briefcase review

In the contest between backpack and briefcase, you should choose the briefcase.

Although I recently reviewed John Doe Shoes’ very nice pair of Whisky Box Calf Bonucci Oxfords, I actually gave John Doe Shoes a shot last year with their calfskin Garein briefcase.

The photos from the website didn’t really give me an accurate idea of the product, but the promise of full-grain leather was too good for me to pass up. I took a chance and ordered one of the last units available. Fortunately, I wasn’t disappointed!

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Why You Should Increase Your Credit Card Limits

increase your credit card limits
Not so fast, hotshot. How’s your credit??

Having excellent credit is essential for the budget-conscious layperson. Whether you’re buying a new car, applying for a home loan, or starting a new business, a fantastic credit score could mean the difference between landing your dream car/house/job and trudging home in defeat, empty-handed.

There are obvious ways to keep your credit high – paying bills on time, not maxing out credit cards, and so on. But there’s another lesser-known but simple way to boost your credit score, and it only takes a couple of minutes!

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Build Your Own DIY Hardwood Bed Frame

diy hardwood bed frame

If you’re going to spend every night on a bed for the rest of your life, it should be something you can take pride in – something you built with your own two hands.

Store-bought furniture is either expensive, low quality, or both. Only hardwood furniture can be expected to last more than a year or two, especially if it sees as much daily use as a bed. But a decent hardwood bed can easily cost over a thousand bucks!

So I built my own DIY hardwood bed frame for a fraction of the cost. After we published our Tuft & Needle mattress review, we received numerous requests for the frame design.

At the time, I hadn’t thought of documenting the process, and I built it sort of on the fly, so it took me a while to compile all the necessary steps into a comprehensive tutorial. But here it is at last!

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