New Venture: Bakersfield Real Estate Investment

bakersfield real estate investment
4 bed / 1.75 bath, 2,113 sq ft. Built 1928.

PRAKTICALA is excited to announce its latest venture, a Bakersfield real estate investment property!

We picked up this property in downtown Bakersfield, CA, late last year. It had great bones and a fantastic floor plan, but was in serious need of updating and repairs. I decided it was the perfect opportunity to combine my passion for DIY projects and my jack-of-all-trades disposition.

Fast forward a few months, and the project is up and ready for sale!

The transformation is incredible. Check out more photos below!

bakersfield real estate investment
The ceiling looks 100x better.

Bakersfield real estate investment property

The house features high ceilings throughout. The dated “popcorn” texture was completely resurfaced for a smooth, more modern sensibility.

The floor plan extends from the front of the house in an unbroken line of sight all the way to the back door. The plentiful windows allow in tons of natural light. It makes the house feel huge, which it is.

bakersfield real estate investment
The interior wall paint color is called “Loggia.”

We kept as many original touches as possible to retain the home’s classic Californian style, including Spanish tile roofing, arched windows, and glass doorknobs. Every wall (interior and exterior), ceiling, and cabinet has been restored and painted. It looks awesome.

bakersfield real estate investment

The master bedroom/bathroom

The master bedroom underwent a complete overhaul in one of the home’s most drastic changes.

Originally, the master bathroom was hardly bigger than a Porta Potty. No joke.

bakersfield real estate investment
The original bathroom ended before where the current door starts. I’m serious.

We blew out one of the superfluous closets (the room started with three of them!) and extended the bathroom to a more appropriate size for a master suite. The vanity has been replaced and updated with granite (cut from the same slab as the kitchen counters), and the floor and shower walls with new tile.

bakersfield real estate investment
We basically tripled the size of the bathroom.

The kitchen

The kitchen is the center of every house. It’s where family and friends eat, hang out, and interact.

bakersfield real estate investment

When we first saw it, the kitchen sported a dropped ceiling with those horrible, grainy “office” ceiling tiles. Why they were there in the first place, I don’t know.

Anyway, we tore those out and restored the beautiful high ceilings, adding some killer recessed LED lighting to brighten up the most important space of the house!

bakersfield real estate investment
The entire house has been outfitted with modern LEDs.

We replaced the peeling linoleum flooring of yesteryear with fresh tile. Next, we yanked out the aging laminated countertops and threw on some smokin’ granite slabs.

bakersfield real estate investment
“Tiger Skin” granite with stainless steel hardware.

Other rooms

We remodeled the rest of the house to echo the same style: clean, classic, and modern at the same time.

bakersfield real estate investment
More arched windows.
bakersfield real estate investment
Second bathroom with rebuilt floor and restored sink, shower, and cabinets.
bakersfield real estate investment
Natural light galore.
bakersfield real estate investment
My wife really digs these.

More info

Additionally, we restored and/or updated the electrical, plumbing, and HVAC systems. The house is locked, loaded, and ready to go!

The downtown Bakersfield real estate investment property can be viewed on the MLS here.

bakersfield real estate investment

We can’t wait to keep you updated on this exciting new venture.  For any business inquiries, drop us a line on the contact page. We’d also love to hear your feedback – leave a comment below!


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