Beckett Simonon Suede Bomber Jacket Review

beckett simonon suede bomber jacket review

Longtime readers already know I’m a big fan of Beckett Simonon’s shoes. I have a pair of Caine oxfords (which I wore at my wedding), as well as the Cohen loafers and some brown brogues.

Recently, the company has ventured into outerwear, with a suede bomber jacket meant to suit the professional just as well as the rock star. Read our full review below!

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beckett simonon suede bomber jacket review

Beckett Simonon suede bomber jacket review

It isn’t easy to rock the leather jacket these days. The wrong cut or fit can instantly turn you into a throwback to the 80s or 90s, and you cross the fine line between “bad boy” and “douche bag.”

Thankfully, Beckett Simonon has sidestepped these connotations with a modest, modern jacket. Unlike your dad’s or grandfather’s leather jacket, which was too short yet had puffy sides and oversized sleeves, Beckett Simonon’s suede bomber jacket is athletically trimmed to minimize excess material. The result is an understated and contemporary garment, stylish but not flashy. (It certainly passes my go-to James Bond test.) I like.

beckett simonon suede bomber jacket review

The jacket’s slim cut makes it lightweight as well, and good for fall weather. (If you live in a colder climate you will probably need something heavier in the winter.)

Function and utility

I found the jacket to be quite comfortable, and not at all cumbersome. The collar, cuffs, and waistband are all constructed from a stretchy, ribbed material. This keeps the fabric close to the body and presumably helps retain warmth.

beckett simonon suede bomber jacket review

Even with the elastic, I didn’t notice any significant bunching, which is a plus. I hate having to constantly pull my jacket down when it rides up after walking for more than a minute or two.

beckett simonon suede bomber jacket review

There are two exterior hand pockets and one interior pocket for a wallet or phone. Rather randomly, there is a helpful martini recipe embossed in the lining, just below the pocket. Er… thanks?

beckett simonon suede bomber jacket review
Hey, you never know!

The jacket features a brass two-way zipper, although I can’t imagine when I would actually use it.

I did have some initial difficulty in getting the zipper to move up and down the teeth, but I expect it will loosen up over time.

beckett simonon suede bomber jacket review

Other details

According to Beckett Simonon, their suede has been treated with some kind of water/stain repellent coating. I didn’t have a chance to test this in a real-world application, and I didn’t feel like throwing water or coffee all over it, so for now I will take their word for it. In any case, it is always good practice to take care of your leather products by keeping them clean and well-maintained.

They also included a garment bag, which was a nice surprise (although it seems to be semi-disposable because it’s fraying and coming apart at the seams). Beckett Simonon has always done a good job of including a couple of nice extras in their packages.

beckett simonon suede bomber jacket review


PROS: The jacket looks and fits great, and is much more affordable than comparable leather jackets from traditional retailers.

CONS: None that I can think of!

As always, Beckett Simonon offers free shipping and free returns. In addition, they’ve now instituted a 120% refund policy (!) and the jacket comes with a one year warranty.

As I’ve described in previous posts, Beckett Simonon has shifted their model towards monthly campaigns instead of constantly carrying a lot of inventory. Consequently, their current lineup is always changing. Their suede bomber jacket has only come around a couple of times already, so grab it if you see it!

EDIT: Now, take 20% off your order with our exclusive promo code PRAKTICALA20!

beckett simonon suede bomber jacket review
Real-world use (see tablet in hand).

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