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The Relaunch of the Terry Crews YouTube Channel

I’ve been working on the relaunch of the official Terry Crews YouTube channel lately, and it’s finally here. Really proud of the work so far, and there will be a lot of exciting content to come – motivation, fitness, family, behind the scenes, and more!

In our first video, Terry talks about the paralyzing effects of discouragement and self-pity, and how to counter them with an attitude of gratefulness.

Terry Crews is known as a movie and television star, fitness guru, motivational speaker, outspoken family man… the list goes on.

Terry is awesome. You know you want more of this guy. Watch our first video embedded above, and check out the channel and subscribe at youtube.com/terrycrewsfans!

Watch: Anyone Can Quantum

Caltech’s Institute for Quantum Information and Matter has released a new YouTube video, Anyone Can Quantum, a humorous short film about Ant-Man, time travel an ageless Keanu… well, just watch it.

The film stars Keanu Reeves, Paul Rudd, and the great Stephen Hawking. It’s directed by Alex Winter, aka Bill S. Preston, Esq. from the BILL & TED films, who was recently seen in the cool real-time thriller GRAND PIANO.

Check out the video on YouTube. What do you think?