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Beckett Simonon Premium Dress Shoes on Kickstarter

Image courtesy of Beckett Simonon.

UPDATE: These shoes are in! Check out my review here!

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Beckett Simonon must be doing something right because their business is really starting to take off: recently, they announced yet another line of “premium” shoes that are being funded initially through Kickstarter. So what about the shoes that I already have? What are they, chopped liver??

Though I’m not 100% sure about what makes the upcoming line more “premium” than the Beckett Simonon shoes I’ve reviewed in the past, I do know that they’ve added a ton of new styles and colors, most notably burgundy (which you need to wear more often) and pebbled brown. The assortment of styles include monk straps (cool), loafers WITH TASSELS (FAHncy), brogues (can’t beat ‘em), and chukkas.

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Watch KUNG FURY Now for Free!

This is too cool not to share!

Director David Sandberg shot a short film, KUNG FURY, after successfully acquiring funding through Kickstarter’s fundraising platform.

Sandberg and his team managed to make the 30-minute film for just a little over $630,000. It features time travel, giant robots, Lamborghinis, tyrannosaurs, kung fu fighting Hitler, and more.

It’s a silly homage to action films of the 80s, with awesome music, bad dialogue/acting, and cheesy special effects. Very entertaining!

After debuting at Cannes, KUNG FURY made its way onto the internet, for free! Check it out below: