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Bailey’s Coffee Creamer

I have been drinking more coffee recently – partly because it helps me stay alert in business school, partly because I am trying to be more “refined,” and partly because it just tastes good!

During a recent trip to the grocery store, I stumbled upon this:

No, you aren’t seeing things. Bailey’s makes an Irish coffee creamer for use in the comfort of your own home or office!

I probably don’t need to educate you on Bailey’s, but for the uninitiated, Bailey’s is a popular and delicious Irish cream liqueur. I guess some genius at the company came up with the bright idea to bring that distinctive flavor to coffee so we could enjoy it in the morning too! (It’s non-alcoholic.)

I brewed up some coffee and poured in a liberal dosage of Bailey’s Coffee Creamer. Sure enough, the taste evokes the characteristic essence of the liqueur, but is still tuned nicely for coffee. If your local market carries it, give it a try!