Seiko SRP772 Automatic Watch Review

seiko srp772 automatic watch review

You might be wondering what happened to all the watch reviews. Actually, I’ve tested and photographed a bunch of Swiss watches that never made their way onto this site.

Honestly, I just keep going back to my Japanese watches. I basically wear my favorite watch, the Seiko 5 Sports automatic, every day.

I added another Seiko to my collection that I’m now a huge fan of. Read my Seiko SRP772 automatic watch review below!

seiko srp772 box

Seiko SRP772 automatic watch review

The Seiko SRP772 automatic watch is straightforward and functional, with no-frills. Clear dial, classy roman numerals, sweeping second hand, and date function at 3 o’clock. It’s rated for water resistance up to 10 bar / 100 meters, although I probably wouldn’t swim with it.

The rose gold 42mm case is just the right size – not too big or small. Looks and feels really good on the wrist.

hand holding seiko srp772 automatic watch
I know. It’s not on my wrist.

Even though the Seiko 5 Sports automatic is my favorite watch of all time, it does have one slight hangup – the crown can’t be wound manually! Guess what, the Seiko SRP772 fixes that. That’s right, you can finally wind up a Seiko!

Otherwise, the 23-jewel automatic movement will wind by itself with your arm’s natural motion.

seiko srp772 automatic watch caseback

The frills

OK, I lied a little. There are just a couple of frills, but nothing too fancy, I swear. There’s a see-through caseback so when people ask to look at your watch (and they will), you can show them the automatic movement spinning inside. The intricately machined cogs definitely won’t disappoint observers.

seiko srp772 automatic watch close up

Besides that there is a tasteful embossed leather strap – normal stuff. But the precision in the details – the textured dial, the ornamented second hand, the tiny “automatic” script – truly rival, if not supersede, anything I’ve seen on Swiss watches.

seiko srp772 automatic watch in box

That’s why I gradually stopped wearing my Swiss watches. They didn’t look or work any better than a Seiko, so I found less and less reason to use them. (They do, however, carry more “prestige” than Japanese watches to certain people who care about that kind of thing. Just not to me.)

seiko srp772 automatic watch review


PROS: Remarkably well made. Design and construction equal to Swiss counterparts at a much lower price.

CONS: Can’t think of any. Really.

The Seiko SRP772 automatic watch is now my go-to for days when I have to dress up, present something, etc. For everything else I still wear my beater Seiko 5 Sports automatic. I sold my Swiss watches (one of the great things about Swiss watches is they are pretty good at holding their value).

This isn’t to say I don’t like Swiss watches. I still appreciate high-value Swiss timepieces, like the Tissot Le Locle automatic or Hamilton Khaki Navy Sub automatic, both of which I love(d). I just find that these Seiko watches do the exact same thing with the same level of precision and quality, for a lot less money.

You really can’t go wrong with a Seiko. Any watch snobs who thumb their noses at one don’t know what they’re talking about.

You can find the Seiko SRP772 automatic watch here at Amazon.

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