Beckett Simonon Davis Weekender Bag Review

beckett simonon davis weekender bag review

I really like Beckett Simonon’s shoes, so I’m always pushing for them to come out with other products (like jackets). Consequently, I was pleased to get a leather travel bag from them recently.

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About Beckett Simonon

We’ve featured plenty of reviews on their shoes, but surprisingly few on anything else. (In fact, only one – their suede bomber jacket that everyone keeps telling me they would buy if it came back in stock again.)

However, they do carry a small assortment of accessories, like belts, wallets, shoe trees, and bags like this Davis weekender bag.

beckett simonon davis weekender bag review

Beckett Simomon Davis Weekender Bag review

Interestingly, the Davis bag comes with another, even larger dust bag (a bag for a bag?), as well as a detachable shoulder strap. To be honest, though, I don’t really see myself using the strap too often – I prefer to carry bags in hand if possible.

Beckett Simonon cuts the bag from the same full-grain leather as their shoes. Sadly, I’ve owned cheap leather bags before, and like bad shoes, they look crappy after even a moderate amount of wear. On the other hand, full-grain leather lasts a lifetime and develops a cool-looking patina, whereas cheap leather will crack and split. (More on that here.)

beckett simonon davis weekender bag review

Similarly, the construction of the Davis bag reflects the quality found in Beckett Simonon’s shoes. The hardware, seams, stitching, and finish all appear solid, and the unique pebbled leather texture gives the bag character.

beckett simonon davis weekender bag handles

I couldn’t tell whether the “pressure” points (namely, where the handles and D-rings attach) were reinforced with any non-stretchy material (like polyester, for example). Time will tell if it will stretch or tear under heavy load.

Speaking of reinforcement, there are three leather strips sewn alongside the bottom of the bag. Even better would have been steel or brass “bumpers” to prevent the bag from scraping the ground. Next time, hopefully?

carrying beckett simonon davis weekender bag

Function and style

Firstly, I really dig the size of the Davis bag. It’s the perfect carrying size. Any larger would make it too heavy and unwieldy, at which point a rolling suitcase would be better. Any smaller and it would look too feminine, like a purse. Hells no! It has just enough bulk and heft (particularly when full) to be manly without being cumbersome.

The “weekender” designation is appropriate, since it’s amply sized to carry about a weekend’s worth of personal effects. So it’s ideal for that quick business trip or Memorial Day mini-vacation coming up!

With a wide opening across the top, the bag is easy to pack and rummage through without all your stuff flying everywhere. You can’t say the same thing about a backpack!

beckett simonon davis weekender bag zipper
Shown: not my hands.

Inside the bag are three pockets for you to stash your odds and ends. Simple stuff, nothing fancy. Again, quite suitable for weekend-ing.

beckett simonon davis weekender bag interior pockets
Two “flap” pockets (one with zipper and one without) plus one zippered “pouch” pocket.

Additionally, there’s a small zip pocket on the outside for anything you want to keep readily accessible – keys, phone charger, etc.

carrying beckett simonon davis weekender bag


PROS: Simple, functional, stylish. Quality materials. Perfect “weekend” size.

CONS: Could use some additional reinforcement on hard-wearing points.

The Beckett Simonon Davis weekender bag is a handy solution for situations in which a suitcase would be overkill and a backpack would be… kinda lame. Without realizing it, I actually take quite a few weekend trips, for both business and leisure. This bag is a great fit for that purpose.

The Davis weekender bag currently comes in three neat colors (this one is oxblood), which you can see here. Beckett Simonon makes everything in small batches and lead time can take a few weeks to a few months, so get in on it soon!

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walking with beckett simonon davis weekender bag

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  1. So 4 years later did the bag hold up well? I think I’m going to pull the trigger on one soon I just hate they make you wait for it.. fyi I know what you were saying about something on the bottom but most bag I see are the same way just a few extra strips of leather. Thanks for the review

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