Review: Women’s Ankle Boots by Kurt Geiger

women's boots by kurt geiger
I have these cool women’s ankle boots by Kurt Geiger. I don’t wear them, my wife does.
This is less of a review and more of a story of how I got these boots while Yoselin from 6 Mono Media and I were in Macau last year.

boots by kurt geiger

Some background

A colleague commented to me recently that she hoped to see more content on PRAKTICALA oriented toward female readers.
Although most of PRAKTICALA’s articles have been geared towards men, nothing here is meant to be exclusive. Some women have informed me that they appreciate the insight into how their male compatriots should dress or act. Similarly, male readers may on occasion want a helpful voice of experience when it comes to finding, say, shoes for their lady friends.


Around this time last year, Yoselin and I were spending the night in Macau as part of our honeymoon. Unfortunately, Yoselin had been sick for most of the first part of our trip, and by the the time we got to Macau she was exhausted.

As the night wore on I could tell that my wife was getting tired and increasingly cranky. We had gotten dressed up so we could walk around the Bellagio looking more important than we actually were watching people play baccarat, and she began to frequently comment on how uncomfortable her heels were. (My wife hates wearing heels.)

I can assure you that the honeymoon is not too early to apply the age old Confucian adage: “Happy wife, happy life.” I set out to find some better shoes.

The only problem was we were in one of the richest cities in the world, where the ultra-wealthy elite from all over Asia and the Middle East come to drop their dough. We kept passing stores like Prada, Louis Vuitton, Hermes, Rolex…

Happy wife, happy life… happy wife, happy life…

Eventually I found this store called Kurt Geiger that had some reasonably priced shoes. We found these ankle boots on the clearance shelf. You can’t go wrong with black boots, right ladies?

The boots

They were a nice compromise between comfort and style, having the leg-elongating properties of high heels, but with a big combat-style lugged heel for more stability.

women's boots by kurt geiger

My wife said they were “the most comfortable shoes ever!” I thought that was odd since she declared surprisingly similar statements about the last few pairs of shoes I bought her, but I wasn’t about to say anything at this point. Besides, her mood had magically improved (!), for reasons I haven’t yet been able to explain.

women's boots by kurt geiger

Now my wife wears these boots almost every day. The Clarks that I got her for work are good for walking and standing all day, but she has since gotten an office job, and the Kurt Geiger boots are more dressy. Yoselin wears them with dresses sometimes and they look great!

The style suits her. They are less “delicate” looking than high heels. You can picture someone kicking your ass in these.

women's boots by kurt geiger
Don’t be fooled; sustaining a kick to the shin or groin from these bad boys (girls?) can result in major damage.

It’s also nice to see leather construction (upper and lining) instead of the fake vinyl junk you see on so many women’s shoes these days. They zip in the back, which looks pretty cool.

boots by kurt geiger

Although I’d never heard of them before, I am happy with the kicks we got from Kurt Geiger. More importantly, my wife is happy with them! Although I haven’t seen them myself in the states, you might chance upon them, maybe at a high-end department store (I think there used to be a branded location in Irvine). If you do, you might want to give them a try!

boots by kurt geiger

I don’t see the exact style on their website anymore, so it might be out of production. The Stampede ankle boots are pretty close though (Chelsea style instead of zipped). You can also check out their whole line of boots on their website.  They have plenty of other kinds of footwear, for men and women, as well as accessories like bags and purses. Amazon also carries one Kurt Geiger product, a neat pair of sandals.

Does anyone else have experience with Kurt Geiger’s shoes? If so, leave a comment and let us know what you think!

yoselin wearing boots by kurt geiger
Don’t tell her I posted this picture.

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