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Seiko SRP772 Automatic Watch Review

seiko srp772 automatic watch review

You might be wondering what happened to all the watch reviews. Actually, I’ve tested and photographed a bunch of Swiss watches that never made their way onto this site.

Honestly, I just keep going back to my Japanese watches. I basically wear my favorite watch, the Seiko 5 Sports automatic, every day.

I added another Seiko to my collection that I’m now a huge fan of. Read my Seiko SRP772 automatic watch review below!

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Seiko Recraft Automatic Watch SNKN45 Review

seiko recraft automatic watch snkn45 review

You might have seen these relatively low-priced Seiko automatics floating around lately. They’re part of Seiko’s Recraft collection and seem like a bargain for an automatic watch. PRAKTICALA has its Seiko Recraft Automatic Watch SNKN45 review below – take a look at what we think!

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Timex Weekender Fairfield Watch Review

timex weekender fairfield watch review

Swiss automatic watches are great, but perhaps you aren’t ready to drop a few grand on an accessory. (Or even a few hundred.) No problem – several excellent Japanese automatic watches are available in the $100 range, including the Seiko 5 Sports, my favorite watch and daily beater.

Still, even 100 bucks is still a lot for the budget-conscious layperson. The good news is you can spend even less and still get a decent, respectable watch. While it might not be automatic, the upside is it’ll have exclusive benefits you can only get with a battery.

For a nice, inexpensive daily beater, it’s hard to find a better value than the Timex Weekender Fairfield watch.

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Watch: Seiko’s Tiny Rube Goldberg Machine

As I’ve stated many times here before, my favorite watch ever is a Seiko 5 Sports automatic. It looks cool, is extremely affordable, and has a beautiful automatic movement. For total value and bang for your buck, Seiko is always the first brand I recommend.

Seiko just came out with a cool new video, “Art of Time,” featuring a miniature Rube Goldberg machine made out of over 1,200 tiny individual watch parts.

Rube Goldberg is most well know for coming up with zany, endlessly complex machines that use a series of increasingly complicated chain reactions to accomplish relatively simple tasks. These days, Rub Goldberg machines are usually performed as large scale stunts, like in OK Go’s music video for “This Too Shall Pass.”

This time, Seiko has shrunk down the scale to be almost impossibly intricate and small, but no less impressive. If you are enjoy the art of watchmaking, you’ll be fascinated by Seiko’s production. Check it out!

Review: Hamilton Khaki Aviation Swiss Automatic Watch H76565835

Looking for an entry into the world of Swiss watches? There’s the Tissot I reviewed a while back. There’s also Hamilton, a brand with proud American origins, having provided timekeeping devices for the American railroads during the rail expansion of the late 1800s, as well as for U.S. troops during World War II.

EDIT: Added new video review below!

Hamilton was eventually acquired by Swatch Group, and moved their manufacturing to Switzerland. Like Tissot, Hamilton is a reputable and well-known name in Swiss watches, yet won’t kill your wallet (too much). The brand is notably a favorite among filmmakers and can be seen during critical plot points in several movies, from MEN IN BLACK to BURIED to INTERSTELLAR, making it a popular household name in watchmaking.

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