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Review: Kenneth Cole New York Automatic Watch KC8100

A few months ago while browsing at Macy’s, my fiancee landed eyes on the watch display and insisted that I get one to wear for the wedding. (The watch I’ve been wearing every day for the last several years is a Seiko 5 automatic, which is an awesome piece, but not particularly elegant.)

Most of the watches at Macy’s are “fashion watches” – known mainly for their brand recognition and how fancy and/or blingy they look, rather than their actual quality or heritage. Some of these brands include Diesel, Fossil, and Kenneth Cole.

She fell in love with one of the pieces from Kenneth Cole New York, so in classic PRAKTICALA style, I went home, worked my magic, and finagled a smoking deal on it. A few days later I had a package at my front door.

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Review: Clarence Toe Cap Brogue Dress Shoes by Charles Tyrwhitt

EDIT: The Clarence brogues are now being phased out and appear to have been replaced by the Parker brogues. As far as I can tell they are the same shoe, just with a different name. The links in this review will now direct you to the Parkers.

If you are a shoe n00b like I am, you probably wear the same pair of black dress shoes all the time – to work, church, interviews, weddings, and ship christenings. Well, stop! You shouldn’t be wearing black shoes very often at all. Black shoes go best with black pants, and why in the world would you wear those, unless there’s a dead guy in a casket somewhere in the room or you’re at a wedding (specifically, your own)? Take it down a notch and relax for once in your life with some gray, blue, or brown pants.

Now that you’ve ditched the funeral pants, there’s no need to dampen the party again with those black kicks. You should be busting out the brown!

Brown shoes go really well with gray, blue, or brown pants – way better than black shoes do. I somehow got my hands on these Clarence Parker semi-brogue oxfords from Charles Tyrwhitt. Keep reading to find out whether they are worth a hoot or not!

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