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Taipei, Taiwan: Din Tai Fung and Glamour Photos

Continuing our honeymoon adventures:

The fourth and final leg of our honeymoon was to the great island of Taiwan. In many ways, Taiwan was everything that Yoselin from 6 Mono Media had been waiting for the entire trip – the bustling city, the swanky (and cheap) loft with a great view, courtesy of Airbnb – the culture, the incredible cuisine, NIGHT MARKETS, affordable shopping, etc.

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Eat: Krispy Kreme Triple Decker Burger at the OC Fair

This past weekend I was forced to had the privilege of taking my new cousins to Costa Mesa to see the Fifth Harmony concert at the OC Fair.

The kind-of good news is that I got to try this crazy thing – a triple decker burger with Krispy Kreme doughnuts in place of regular buns.


I asked if I could get it with just one patty. They said I could, but I would still have to pay the full price. What the. This darned thing set me back 11 bucks.

As I walked back to my table with this monstrosity in hand I garnered the stares of several envious bystanders. They all made comments about how crazy it looked and how badass I was. At least I think that’s what they were saying.

I dumped some ketchup and mayo into the burger and sank my teeth into the unholy mess. It fell apart pretty quickly.

Don’t try this at home.

Bottom line: Pretty good, mainly because of the beef. The Krispy Kremes are mostly a side note. All in all, I’d prefer to eat a regular burger next time. I will surely miss the years it shaved off my life.

Plenty of other fun stuff to do at the OC Fair, though. Pig racing, ice sculptures, and more!

What activities would you recommend at the fair? Let us know!

Eat: Tim Ho Wan Dim Sum, Sham Shui Po, Hong Kong

Continuing on our honeymoon adventures: after our layover in Vancouver, our next stop was the always-impressive Hong Kong!

Visiting a foreign country where a) things are cheap and b) food is delicious seemed like the ideal opportunity to eat at our first ever Michelin-starred restaurant – Tim Ho Wan!

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How to Save Money on Eating Out

OMG. Oh my gouda. (Gouda not pictured.)

Dining out at restaurants is expensive. Like really expensive. Even if you go with “cheap” options like fast food, you are still spending at least 99 cents on a drink that costs less than a penny to make (about five-thousandths of a cent, to be exact). If you opt for more expensive offerings at dine-in restaurants, you can easily drop ten or twenty bucks (or more – especially if you order alcoholic beverages – more on that later).

The best way to save money on eating out is by… eating at home! Surprise! No really, wait, there’s more to this strategy.

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