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Bryton Rider 310 Review – Budget GPS Bike Computer!

bryton rider 310 review

EDIT: I’ve since tested the Bryton Rider 410 and the Bryton Rider 420! Read those reviews here, and here.

For cyclists, a bike computer not only tracks your route, but compiles ride data to help you train and improve.

Unfortunately, a basic Garmin costs upwards of a hundred bucks – even more if it performs anything beyond rudimentary tasks. For the budget-conscious layperson, it can be hard to justify that expense for an activity that is supposed to be, you know, free.

A company called Bryton offers much less expensive GPS bike computers than the big-name competition. But are they any good? Check out our Bryton Rider 310 review below!

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Dawes Lightning DLX Review – Entry Level Road Bike!

dawes lightning dlx review

My current ride is a legit Motobecane LeChampion CF, but not every cyclist is serious enough (yet) to drop a grand (or more) on a bike. The very cool Poseidon bike, which I reviewed here, is one alternative. (EDIT: I’ve also reviewed the Poseidon Triton, their updated road bike.)

I recently obtained an even more affordable bike, the Dawes Lightning DLX. While not flashy by any means, this solid road bike provides excellent bang for buck as either a casual ride or an entry into the world of road biking. Read the full Dawes Lightning DLX review below!

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Kershaw Skyline Review (EDC Knife)

kershaw skyline review

Happy New Year! Now is the perfect time to start a constructive new habit.

Need ideas? You can steal one of mine – start carrying a knife with you, everywhere you go. For now, I’ve settled on one of the most popular options out there, the Kershaw Skyline (model 1760). Keep reading our Kershaw Skyline review to see why!

EDIT: Updated with video review below!

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Motobecane Le Champion CF Review – Legit Road Bike!

.motobecane lechampion cf review

Decent road bikes are expensive, especially brand name ones. Industry secret: bike frames, regardless of brand, are almost all manufactured by the same one or two companies in Taiwan.

A company called Kinesis manufactures frames for well-known brands like Trek, Diamondback, GT, K2, and Felt (one of my favorites). Guess what – they make the house-brand frames for Bikes Direct, an online only bike retailer.

The Motobecane Le Champion CF is Bikes Direct’s budget-friendly “house” bike, giving you reputable, high-end components without the premium price tag. Continue reading Motobecane Le Champion CF Review – Legit Road Bike!

Poseidon Bike 4.0 Review – Budget Road Bike

poseidon bike 4.0 review

Now that summer is here, I finally have time to pick up one of my favorite hobbies again – road biking!

For the uninitiated, road biking (or cycling) is an exhilarating combination of exercise, speed, mechanics, and the outdoors – all my favorite stuff!

While I already have my killer Motobecane LeChampion CF Rival (review coming soon), I was fortunate enough to get my mitts on a Poseidon Bike 4.0 for review – check it out!

EDIT: We were able to get the new Poseidon Triton road bike for review – see our impressions here!

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Boat Shoe Showdown: Sperry Top-siders vs. Sebago Docksides

Remember those Ralph Lauren boat shoes I wrote about a while back? They are cool and all, but as I said back then, fashion denim doesn’t exactly cut it if you need footwear sturdy enough for, you know, an actual boat.

The two most well-known examples of legitimate boat shoes are Sperry Top-siders and Sebago Docksides. Need help deciding which is best for you? Read our comparison here!

UPDATE (05/17/16): Just got some cool new Cooper boat shoes from Jack Erwin! Read the review here!

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Carolina Portraits at Sequoia & Kings Canyon National Park

We just recently realized that we never got around to posting these portraits we took of our good friend Carolina!Sequoia & Kings Canyon National Park is a beautiful backdrop for some unique headshots. Carolina had no problem looking great even after two days of camping and roughing it in the woods!

If you live anywhere in California and haven’t visited this incredible park, you owe it to yourself to pay Sequoia & Kings Canyon National Park a visit. There are plenty of amazing sights to see – including Moro Rock and of course the General Sherman Tree, the largest tree on Earth by volume.

Again, if you live in California, chances are you only live less then a few short hours’ drive from the park. For a refreshing outdoor getaway over the weekend, it’s hard to beat Sequoia. Make sure you bring your camera!

Liz and Francis’ Family Portraits

I did these family/baby portraits a few weeks back of Liz and Francis and their beautiful family. Thank you for being great subjects!

What  a great-looking family! We can’t wait to do your next shoot!

The holiday season is a great time for photoshoots. If you are looking for a photographer for your headshots, portraits, or event coverage, PRAKTICALA is booking photography sessions now – contact us for more information, and don’t forget to like us on Facebook and follow us on Twitter and Instagram!

Bradley’s 1st Birthday

PRAKTICALA had a great time shooting Bradley’s 1st birthday party a few weeks back for our good friends Paul and Juna! Activities included cake-eating, hanging out with friends, a tractor ride, lots of farm animals, and that hilarious Korean let-the-baby-pick-their-present game!

Really cool dog!

This game is hilarious. Korean people put all these presents in front of the kid to see which one he or she will choose. Whichever present gets chosen is apparently somehow indicative of what the kid will grow up to be. Or something. I don’t know anything about this world; Chinese people don’t celebrate birthdays.

Will he be good at cooking, art, sports, or Counter-Strike???

Thank you to Yoselin from 6 Mono Media for assisting!

Eat: Tim Ho Wan Dim Sum, Sham Shui Po, Hong Kong

Continuing on our honeymoon adventures: after our layover in Vancouver, our next stop was the always-impressive Hong Kong!

Visiting a foreign country where a) things are cheap and b) food is delicious seemed like the ideal opportunity to eat at our first ever Michelin-starred restaurant – Tim Ho Wan!

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