SOLD! Home Remodel in Greenacres, Bakersfield

home remodel in greenacres, bakersfield, ca

Been busy with life, but I’m happy to add another completed home renovation our portfolio! (Check them out here and here!) So take a look at our latest sale, a home remodel in Greenacres, Bakersfield, CA!

This house represented our biggest project yet! With 2,329 square feet, 4 bedrooms, and 2 bathrooms, plus almost an acre of land, we had our work cut out for us.

In fact, the project was so big, we actually had to pull out a short-term loan for the first time! We were nervous, but it all worked out!

remodeled family room

Home remodel in Greenacres, Bakersfield

You know the drill by now. Full interior/exterior paint, new flooring, new fixtures, new kitchen/bathroom, etc. First, we brought plumbing and electrical systems up to current standards.

remodeled kitchen

The home featured a large, galley-style kitchen and a spacious dining area. We demoed all the old junk and and gave it a full makeover. Most importantly, we dropped in new appliances and granite counters. Additionally, we renovated the cabinets with new paint and hardware.

granite counter and stainless steel sink

In the enormous family room (an additional room to the existing living room!), we kept the super cool original cast iron wood-burning stove! Look at this huge room. Tons of space for the kids to run around in!

family room with cast iron wood burning stove

The common areas received vinyl plank flooring, while the bedrooms got some nice new carpet. Incidentally, vinyl plank has really come a long way – I prefer it now to actual hardwood, in terms of cost, appearance, and durability!

bedroom with new carpet

We pushed out the master bathroom, which was originally connected to the laundry room (why?) and had a tiny, dungeon-like shower. To do this, we walled off the door to the laundry, then expanded and tiled the shower.

remodeled master bathroom
remodeled tile shower

Overall, it was a fun project – and we knocked out the construction in less than six weeks, which was an improvement for us!


What do you think about our home remodel in Greenacres, Bakersfield? Also, what should our next project be? Leave us your feedback and comments below!

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